Shanghai Society of Cell Biology (SSCB)

The Shanghai Society of Cell Biology (SSCB) was founded in 1984, granted by Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology and located at Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The society has its mission to promote a communication of scientific knowledge in cell biology, impel science dissemination and strengthen cell biology education in the Shanghai region. The SSCB has 2000 members from different colleges and research institutes in Shanghai. Members also include representatives of biomedicine manufactories. The congress of SSCB is held for academic conference and election of next executive council once four years. 

The 9th Board of Directors of the SSCB

President: Zhengjun Chen 
Vice President: Jinke Cheng,Bin Li,Jinsong Li,Ping Wang,Huangtian Yang,Yi Yang 
Secretary-general: Jin Yang 
Vice Secretary-general: Haiyin Zhu,Na Wei

Contact the SSCB

Office: 320 Yueyang Road, Shanghai 200031 
Tel: 0086-21-64221856 Fax:0086-21-64221828